Bali for the first timer

Bali.pngBali is fondly known as anotherĀ state in Western Australia. It is cheaper and closer for us West Aussies to go to Bali on a holiday then it is to visit theĀ Eastern States. I have lost count the amount of times I have been to Bali but it is more than 10 times.

If you have never been to Bali before and planning a trip here are few things that you need to know.Read More »

Raffles Hotel Singapore and the butler button

Raffles HotelYou can image my excitement when my business card was drawn out of a hat at the Asean Tourism Forum and the prize was a nights accommodation at the prestigious Raffles Hotel in Singapore. The hotel first opened its doors in 1887, since then this five star hotel has become an icon.

Maybe I slept on the same bed as the queen? Ok so it was more likely the same bed as one of her servants but that is close enough for me!Read More »