Camping at Lake Brockman Tourist Park

Camping at Lake BrockmanPeople often tell me that they are envious of our adventures. We try and get away every six weeks and they are usually short camping trips. I decided to put the call out to all my friends and let them know that we were camping at Lake Brockman. Any one was welcome to join us and to my surprise we had 11 families take up the offer. It was a wonderful getaway for everyone and most of all I loved seeing the children enjoying nature.Read More »

4wding from Ledge Point to Seabird

4wding Ledge Point to Seabird.pngSummer Holidays are for hitting the beach with a bit of 4 wheel driving thrown in for fun.

We departed Perth and drove 120 kilometers north along the Indian Ocean Drive to a small coastal town called Ledge Point. The main beach was crowded with holiday makers so we didn’t stick around. We dropped the tyre pressure in our 4wds and followed the coast line back towards Perth.

In search for our own private beach to have lunch and relax. Taking our time to explore the coast line.Read More »

My girls weekend getaway in Toodyay

A girls weekend is something I am always dreaming of. Time away with my mates and a break from the demands of motherhood. When my friend Ciara asked me if I would like to go to Toodyay for the weekend I didn’t hesitate to say yes.

It was a wonderful getaway as it was a break in the country with three of my good friends. We catch up on a regular basis but we always have our small children in tow. This means that conversations are usually stunted while someone runs over to pick up a crying child who has skinned their knee. We never seem to finish a conversation as they are continually interrupted.

Toodyay View.JPG

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