40 before 40 bucket list = done!

Sky DiveI was meant to be doing some spring cleaning but being a great procrastinator I started reading my old travel journals instead. They were covered in a layer of dust which I blew off to give them a clean. I figure dusting the journals counts as doing some spring cleaning, does it not?

This is where I came across my bucket list and do you know what? I have achieved my 40 before 40 bucket list! That is right, give me a high five and lets do a happy dance. Does anyone high five these days or should I be saying give me some knuckles?

Any way I was surprised at how many things I have achieved and ecstatic that I have achieved so much before I turn 40.Read More »

My girls weekend getaway in Toodyay

A girls weekend is something I am always dreaming of. Time away with my mates and a break from the demands of motherhood. When my friend Ciara asked me if I would like to go to Toodyay for the weekend I didn’t hesitate to say yes.

It was a wonderful getaway as it was a break in the country with three of my good friends. We catch up on a regular basis but we always have our small children in tow. This means that conversations are usually stunted while someone runs over to pick up a crying child who has skinned their knee. We never seem to finish a conversation as they are continually interrupted.

Toodyay View.JPG

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10 Pram friendly walks in nature around Perth


As soon as I am outdoor and in nature I can feel my body relax, especially the tension I am carrying in my shoulders.  I didn’t even realise how tense I am until I get outdoors. When you have small children, getting outdoors, going into nature and walking can do you the world of good. The fresh air, listening to the birds and a dose of D is good for the soul.

Attempting a bush walk with a pram can often by difficult if you don’t know where to go. So many times I have had to do a bit of 4wd with the pram as I have gone down a path that was not suitable.Read More »

Tony’s Bend Campground, Dwellingup


We just had a relaxing stay at Tony’s Bend Campground in Dwellingup. Our days were spent walking along the banks of the river, swimming, kayaking, warming up by the camp fire and I even managed to read my book! Something that doesn’t normally happen when you have two small children.


Dwellingup is located 100 kms south of Perth and Lane Poole Reserve is set along the banks of the Murray River. As soon as you drive into the 55,000ha reserve you are surrounded by tall Jarrah trees. The road winds its way along the river with spectacular views of the valley and river below.Read More »

Camping adventures in Dwellingup

Winding along the dirt track in our 4wd looking down at the valley slopes and onto the Murray River below. I was mesmerised by the stunning scenery and couldn’t wait to get to our camping spot to see what it was like.

Tony’s Bend camp ground is set in the Jarrah Forrest and it is where we set up our camper trailer for the weekend. Tall lean jarrah trees visible as far as the eye can see. There was little wind during our stay and just the leaves at the top of the trees were gently swaying in the breeze.

Dwellingup 002.JPG

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Things to do in Guilderton


Do you need a weekend away? Want a quiet little coastal town to relax in close to Perth? Then Guilderton is the perfect spot for you!  Located only 95 kilometers north of Perth. Guilderton or commonly known as Moore River is a picturesque town ideal for a day trip or a weekend getaway.

If the weather is looking good we often put the kayaks on the roof of the 4wd,  jump in the car and head off on an adventure. So, if you are looking to escape the city and what to know what there is to do in Moore River then blog post is for you.Read More »